Ben Kavaliro was born in Spain but was raised in England. He worked in the legal profession for 20 years before writing his first novel. He lives on the outskirts of Royal Leamington Spa, England with his wife and daughters.


Sarah's Ghost (Part One: Heaven is Waiting)

Q: Sarah’s Ghost (Part One: Heaven is Waiting) is your first novel. What’s the book about?
The story is about a man called Ray trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife (Sarah), after she is killed in a brutal accident. But Sarah isn’t gone for long, because she returns to haunt him. Ray has no idea if what he is seeing is real, and so he enlists the help of various friends and other professionals to determine the truth. But everything is not what it seems… and if you want to find out more, you’ll have to read the book!

Q: Who is the book for?
I call this book a supernatural thriller, rather than just a true horror story. Readers of thrillers and horror stories will both like this. It will also appeal to romance readers, because the love story between Ray and Sarah is so strong (and ultimately unbreakable). This book could be called a cross between The Sixth Sense and Ghost. If you like those movies, then you’re going to love this book.

Q: What will the reader get out of this book?
Sarah’s Ghost starts off as a contemporary adult drama/romance, which has a great sense of humour. It then serves up a helping of tragedy, which later introduces a paranormal/supernatural element. It is a scary, suspenseful and thrilling read that ultimately leaves you with an unusually satisfying (happy) ending.

Q: Are there any twists?
Of course! I managed to stick in a few jaw-dropping twists and turns that will hopefully stun the readers. Obviously, I can’t reveal them here.

Q: What’s next?
SARAH’S GHOST (Part Two: Hell on Earth)
and SARAH’S GHOST (Part Three: Battle of the Gods) are on the way. I’ve also almost finished the first book in a new psychological thriller series called A FRAGILE MIND. I have no shortage of ideas!

Q: How can readers contact you?
I can be contacted via my website, where there are FREE book offers and news about future releases: benkavaliro.com.

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